Green Meadows at 2910 Apartments, Augusta,GA

  • 104 Units Sold

Green meadows at 2910 apartments has been sold (104 Units Sold).
The property was acquired for $55k/unit in February of 2021. In less than a year of ownership, MI Real Estate, LLC, and partners rebranded the asset and completed over $800k in capital improvements, including exterior paint, new signage, new pool equipment and plumbing, new lounge and grilling area, parking lot repairs, laundry room upgrades, and interior upgrades. At acquisition, average rental rates were $595/unit, and they are currently $798/unit.

Pilar’s Harbour Villas Tampa,FL

  • 56 Units Sold
  • AAR-101%
  • ROE-252%
  • Equity Multiple-3.52

On January 3, 2020, Mi Real Estate, LLC and partners, closed on a 56-unit multifamily property in Tampa, Florida, valued at $7.8m has been sold.

Hartsville Pike,Nashville ,TN

  • 1.5 Project Equity Multiple
  • 1.32 Equity Multiple
  • 18.4% Average Annual Return
  • 32.2% Return On Equity

On December 27, 2020 MI Real Estate, LLC and partners closed on a 19-townhome Build to rent property in Lebanon, Tennessee for a purchase price of $3.8 million. This acquisition brings MI Real Estate’s total portfolio to 401 multi-family units, valued at over $28 million dollars has been sold.

Oaks At University, Tampa , FL

Project Level:

  • 20%+IRR
  • 1.7X Multiple
  • 2.7 Years Hold

On July 12, 2019, MI Real Estate, LLC and partners, closed on a 59-unit multifamily portfolio in the Uptown sub-market of Tampa, Florida for $3,835,000, or $65k per unit has been sold.