Ismael “Rey” Reyes

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Rey has been actively investing in residential real estate since 2005 and has focused exclusively on multifamily since 2016. He has led MI Real Estate in investing over 15 multifamily properties across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Tennessee, totaling over 1200+ units, valued at over $150 million. Rey also provides independent consulting to multifamily investors and is the bestselling author of BLUF: The Bottom Line Up Front about Passively Investing in Multi-family Properties. In 2019, Rey retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army, with over 28 years of service. He culminated his military career as a Foreign Area Officer, responsible for providing Political-Military advice on Latin American Affairs to US military and civilian leadership. Rey received an MBA from Columbia Southern University in 2010, is fluent in Spanish, and speaks some Portuguese. He is married to Mayerlyn Reyes and has two sons, Ismael (Jr.) and Gabriel.

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As Featured In:
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Unlock the Key Strategies of Investing Passively in Multifamily

There are so many investments you can get into. Rather than putting all your eggs in one basket, a wise investor diversifies their portfolio to include investments not dependent on all the same economic factors. A healthy mix of stocks, bonds, and alternative assets does wonders. Real estate investments fall into that last category of alternative assets.

In this book, you’re going to learn more about my preferred type of real estate investment: the multi-family syndication. This is a reasonably stable investment that offers a solid return and allows you to be a passive participant, provided you put in the work upfront when looking for an investment team and a property deal.